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Cold Stone Creamery

Stop By Your Local Maryland Cold Stone Creamery and Taste One of Our Amazing Cakes

If you like Cold Stone’s ice cream, you have to try our cakes. They’re beautifully decorated and delicious and we make them with high quality ingredients. Each one is full of layers of ice cream and moist cake, and then covered in sweet frosting and rich ganache.

Our list of treats includes:

Signature Cakes,Themed Cakes,Petite Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes

Signature Cakes for Our Maryland Friends

For your next big event try one of our Signature Cakes. Layered with premium ice cream and cake and covered in sweet frosting and rich ganache, they’re sure to make everyone go crazy!

Choose from a number of unique kinds, like:

Cake Batter Confetti™,Midnight Delight®,Cookies & Creamery™

Make It a Great Birthday with a Themed Cake

You want to really surprise your little one on their birthday? Step out of the kitchen with a Themed Cake from Cold Stone Creamery. They’re filled with layers of our sweet ice cream and covered in rich frosting or ganache. We decorate them with rainbow sprinkles and mix-ins, and then we add a cool theme.

Whether your child likes SpongeBob®, Barbie®, or Marvel® superheroes we can add them to the design of their cake.

Sweet Romance with a Petite Cake

A Petite Cake has the same quality ingredients you find in our Signature Cakes, yet they’re made just for two. Have a romantic and quiet evening with your special someone while sharing a Petite Cake for two.

Ice Cream Cupcakes Are Packed with Yum

Our ice cream cupcakes are filled with ice cream and placed inside a Belgian chocolate cup. Then we top them with a twisting crown of frosting. They’re great for holiday parties and special events.

Pick from the following delicious choices:

Sweetest Cream™ Cupcakes,Double Chocolate Devotion™ Cupcakes,Cake Batter™ Delux Cupcakes

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